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WEBINAR-  MSC for Families: Getting the Most out of Your Child’s Program
July 29, 2013 Start Time: 6:00PM | End Time: 7:00PM

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Service Coordination is an important support in the life of a child with a developmental disability and his or her family. Under Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC), parents and family members are recognized as valuable participants in their child's service coordination program. As a valuable participant, it is important that family members are well informed about how MSC works and their rights under the program. That is what this training is all about. By being informed, you and your child's service coordinator can become partners in advocating for and gaining access to necessary supports and services for your child.

WEBINAR - “What is Section 504?”
Aug 5, 2013 Start Time: 12:00PM | End Time: 1:00PM

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This training will teach parents the difference between Section 504 and IDEA.

Section 504 is a Civil Rights legislation which prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities. Children who qualify under this law receive services and/ or accommodations in the public school system without being classified under IDEA/IDEIA and their school district’s Committee on Special Education.


WEBINAR - Health Care Notebook
August 7, 2013 Start Time: 12:00PM | End Time: 1:00PM

Please join Annette Raia as she presents a webinar on The Health Care Note Book. Participants will learn how a HCN can assist in organizing medical records. They will be given tips on how the notebook can assist with advocacy, save time, reduce stress and utilize the information within the notebook in the event of an emergency.

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WEBINAR- A Guide for Families to Understanding Supports & Services Administered by OPWDD
August 14, 2013 Start Time: 10:00AM | End Time: 11:00AM

Please join Mary Jo Hebert, Regional Coordinator- MSC Parent Trainer 

To register for this webinar: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/8740546045879908608

The purpose of this training is to introduce families to the language of service delivery systems and to define and clarify information about services and supports. Participants will gain an increased awareness and understanding of eligibility criteria and the eligibility determination process. The training includes an overview of Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC), Home and Community Based Services Waiver, and Family Support Services.


WEBINAR - Preventing Parent Burnout for Parent of Children with Special Needs
August 20, 2013 Start Time: 1:00PM | End Time: 2:00PM

Please join Mary Jo Hebert, Regional Coordinator, MSC Parent Trainer as she presents a webinar on Preventing Parent Burnout for Parents of Children with Special

To register for this webinar: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/716953400672942592

Extraordinary parenting responsibilities create extraordinary pressures on parents. At the same time, parenting a child with special needs requires energy, focus, and enthusiasm to be effective in our role. The better off we are emotionally and physically, the better off our families will be. Join us for this webinar on Preventing Parent Burnout and discover positive ways to cope with and effectively manage stress.

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