The mission of the Long Island Parent Center of the Center for Community Inclusion LIU, is to provide parents of children with disabilities, in conjunction with the professionals who service their children, with information and resources necessary to promote  meaningful involvement in their children’s education programs.

The goals of the Long Island Parent Center are to:

  • Collaborate with local education entities throughout Long Island.
  • Assist families in understanding their children’s disabilities.
  • Assist families in understanding the special education process.
  • Support the involvement of parents in their children’s education.
  • Create relationships to reach and assist parents who have language barriers.
  • Provide training and resources to community organizations and school personnel.
  • Offer a parent information drop-in center and clearinghouse that links parents to the vast network of currently available resources.
  • Coordinate with local education entities to contribute to the NYS Board of Regents’ Policy on Improving Student Achievement and School Performance through parent and family partnerships.
  • Assist NYSED in implementation of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act’s (IDEA) initiatives (e.g., least restrictive environment, transition services, etc.).
  • Assist parents in developing skills to support their children’s education leading to independent living in the community.
Services offered by the L. I. Parent Center:
  1. Drop-in center
  2. Technical assistance
  3. Workshops
  4. Attendance at community events
  5. Training of parent members
  6. Information and referral
  7. Overall support in the Special Education Process

Strategies for accessing the L.I. Parent Center:

        1. Drop in Center Contact Information and Hours
Request for Assistance/Support    (Download File Here)
Request for Trainings/Workshops/Events
(Download File Here)
LIPC is hosted by the Center for Community Inclusion (CCI) at Long Island University.

The mission of The Center for Community Inclusion is to provide families, educators, early interventionists, medical professionals, employers, and the community at large with resources to support individuals with disabilities in our schools, workplaces, residences, and places of leisure enabling them to become active members of their communities meeting their full potential in all aspects of life. The Center for Community Inclusion will provide students with exemplary programs enabling them to gain experience within state of the art service delivery models.

Helene Fallon, Project Coordinator


I am just thrilled to be sending out our first Long Island Parent Center (LIPC) newsletter which is now sponsored through the Center for Community Inclusion (CCI) at the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University. The transition has been smooth and exciting. As many of you know, I am a parent of two young adults with special needs, and a professional in the field of education. I am honored to be coordinating this project and to be working with CCI to maximize our mission. My focus in life and in my professional capacity has always been building positive relationships. As we move forward with the work of the Long Island Parent Center, building positive educational teams will always be a priority. Parents and families of children with special needs, as well as the students themselves, are the link to improving outcomes. Our goal is to provide technical assistance, support, and resources to families and professionals.  We are here to serve you and truly look forward to our work together. Please feel free to contact us to arrange a training, ask a question, or just check in!   




I would like to take this opportunity to say how excited I am to continue my work at the Long Island Parent Center and to be a part of the team at the Center for Community Inclusion at the C. W. Post Campus of LIU. I am currently the Education Outreach Coordinator providing technical assistance to parents and professionals who are serving children with special needs. In my current role, I will continue to present workshops to parents and professionals on various educational topics in both English and Spanish.

As a former teacher for the New York City Department of Education, I understand the demands placed on educators in challenging systems. As a parent of a child with special needs, I continue to experience the barriers and breakthroughs of raising a child in our education system. I recognize how overwhelming it can be, but when a goal is reached, there is nothing more rewarding. I am currently a member of the New York State Commissioner’s Advisory Panel for Special Education, representing parents and families. I am Past President of the Special Education Parent Teacher Association (SEPTA) in my school district, and continue to serve on various committees and task forces always focused on improving outcomes for our children.

I am here to answer questions and resolve a wide variety of issues related to the educational process. My hope is to provide parents and professionals with the information they need to effectively communicate and to educate them on the special education process.

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